LLC "Winner Group Ukraine" was established in 1997.

to manage real estate, which at that time had been leased or owned by the Winner Group of Companies.

What happened next

"Winner Property Management" is the owner of apartments, office space, residential buildings and real estate complexes in Kyiv and the suburbs of the capital, which are leased or used by Winner Group companies.

What happened next

"Winner Property Management" provides professional services for renting premises, offices, apartments, houses for both tenants and owners of real estate.

All WGU houses and buildings could be easily distinguished by high quality, exquisite interiors, interesting architectural design and modern equipment & furniture.

What happened next

"Winner Property Management" company launches a new direction in its activities: "Complex service for Your real estate".

Your property works for you wherever you are!

Your concerns from now are our responsibility.

what was next


  1. Personal Administrator
  2. Lawyer
  3. Electrician
  4. Plumber
  5. Builder
  6. Realtor

what was next

We open an office of our real estate agency "Winner Property Management" in the city center!

19/21, Antonovycha st.

What happens next